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In my #SecondHalf

It’s not about what I lost, but what’s left.

I’m letting go of what no longer serves me.

I’m unapologetically curious and confident.

I’m trusting the timing of my life.

I believe less is more and simple does it.

I refuse to body shame myself, ever.

I prioritize the most important woman in my life, me.



I commit to wellness and balance in life.

I am responsible for writing the rest of my story.

I believe I am whole, even with my broken parts.

It’s not too late to start a new dream or start an old one, anew.

I’m not hung up on being the best. I’m better, and that’s enough.

No more superwoman cape. My focus is on what matters to me.

I stand up and say, “Dear Past, thank you for all the lessons.”


shu _shypledge

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